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Kanban Library provides the Web’s best Kanban resources written by influential Kanban founders, practitioners and leaders in one central place.Get inspired by top Kanban authors such as: David Anderson, Karl Scotland. Henrik Kniberg, Jim Benson, Tonianne DeMaria Barry and many others.

Kanban Library is a collection of carefully selected references to articles relevant to Kanban practice. Now you can learn how to integrate Kanban into your personal life. All your daily chores, and family life can be organized and managed with a personal Kanban board!

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Building Your First Personal Kanban
by Jim Benson

A perfect aticle for those who want to start with Personal Kanban approach. It provides a profound explanation on how to create your first Personal Kanban board. Everthing in just 4 easy steps!

Personal Kanban 101: Achieving Focus & Clarity with Your First Personal Kanban
by Jim Benson

Probably the best presenation on Personal Kanban that has ever appeared on the Web. Real compendium of knowledge! It shows in detail what are the two core rules of personal kanban and what the benefits of their application. I can't omitt this presentation.

Use Personal Kanban to Manage Your Job Hunt
by Johanna Rothman

Wondering how you can use Personal Kanban board? In this article you can find the tip. Johanna Rothman explains how it can help you looking for a job. It is inspiring example how to organize your job hunt with a simple kanban board.

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